The perfect way to manage horses.

Efficient. Clear. Digital.

Clear & easy way to organise your team & horses

Always be aware of the important to do's

Instant access to your horses data


Happy clients around the world


Three reasons to go digital

Stop searching

When was the last time the blacksmith was here? Was the horse lame on the left leg last year as well? It's almost impossible to keep track of all the information around managing horses without having a central place to store it.

Stop forgetting

Who of us hasn't forgotten a vaccination or the expiry date of a passport? The more horses you manage the greater the chance you miss important to do's.

Stop misunderstandings

Working in a team can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. Who needs to do what? Which tasks have already been completed? Which horses go to the show? Imagine there was a much better way to organise those activities than a whiteboard. 


Organise your team and horses

With Hippovibe you can organise the daily tasks of your horses and team from everywhere. It's very clear to see who needs to do what and which tasks have already been completed. 

Say goodbye to misunderstandings! 


Keep track of all the health data

Creating a clear health record of your horses has never been so easy and helps you to identify possible weak spots. You can access the complete health history from everywhere.

Make sure you never forget any health to do's anymore by planning ahead upcoming vaccinations, deworming and treatments.


More advantages for you

Plan shows easily

The calendar is the ideal tool to plan shows and all other kind of events. Every team member can access the information and everyone is informed about what has been planned.

All data at one place

Store all the relevant information about your horses at one central place. From passport details, videos to x-rays and general remarks. With one simple click you can also share the details easily with any person you like.

Work with your team

Hippovibe helps you to work together as a team much more smoothly. You can create as many users as you like. Easily define which information your team members should be able to access and which data they shouldn't see.


Choose your way

If you are responsible for more than 15 horses and work with a team, we recommend you book a product demo with our support. Otherwise start immediately with the test phase & get to know Hippovibe straight away.

Start testing

Book a demo

Get to know Hippovibe on your own.

We demonstrate you the software personally. 

14 days for free

Get an answer to your questions immediately 

No payment details required

Learn how to use Hippovibe for your team in the best way possible

All features available

Find out how to benefit from working digitally

With Hippovibe we have everything under control!

Lorenzo de Luca | Stephex Stables

"It's great to have a clear overview of all activities around my horses!"

"I use Hippovibe every day to make 

a plan for my horses."

Laurens Meynaerts

Olivier Philippaerts


What happens next?


You choose

Either book a demo call with our customer support or start testing straight away.


Get to know Hippovibe

Learn how to work with the software and how you will benefit from working digitally. 


Activate account

After the trial period you can decide whether you would like to continue to work with Hippovibe or not.


Frequently asked questions

 Who should use Hippovibe?

Everyone who is interested in organising their horses in a structured and clear manner. The added value of the software increases when you don't manage your horses alone but work in a team.

How do I learn how to work with Hippovibe?

You find a lot of tutorial videos on our Youtube channel and an extended FAQ section on our website. Moreover our customer support team is always available for you through our Whatsapp chat or via phone.

How do I pay for the software?

After the trial period you can decide whether you would like to continue working with Hippovibe or not. Simply add your payment details and the subscription starts. You can cancel the subscription at any time towards the end of the payment period.


What are you waiting for?Get started now! 

Manage your horses digitally in under two weeks! In case you have any questions we are happy to support you at any time! 

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